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KidPower Public Speaking Seminar

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the 2nd floor patio of H Street was transformed into a classroom as Hanover welcomed 15 students from Jefferson Middle School’s KidPower program to continue our public speaking seminar series. Our February session emphasized public speaking fundamentals such as eye contact, volume, gesturing, posture, and articulation. This seminar built upon these skills to focus on informative and persuasive styles of speech.

To accomplish this goal, we divided up into teams focusing on each type of speech. To illustrate use of informative speech, KidPower kids had to use precise instructions to describe how to draw a silly picture or explain how to do complex actions like tie your shoe or do a jumping jack. A definite highlight of this activity was watching a researcher try to do the Wobble with these instructions!


To teach persuasive speech, Hanover prepared more fun and constructive games. One group played action Rock, Paper, Scissors, where they invented different weapons and had to persuade their partner why their choice would be the winner of each match. The other group divided the kids into different groups and had them debate silly topics (such as Pirates vs. Ninjas or Justin Bieber Should be President), creating cohesive persuasive arguments for and against these topics. We wrapped up the event with a group circle, where kids shared what they learned and discussed how to integrate these topics into their daily lives. This event was a great success and we look forward to continuing to build this partnership with KidPower into the next school year!


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