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Lunch and Learn: One-on-One Program

1-on-1-pic-AHanover’s February Lunch and Learn spotlighted the One-on-One Program for researchers. Twenty researchers have completed this innovative program since its debut in 2013. Graduates have gone on to become research consultants, directors, and thought leaders in their areas of practice.

The One-on-One Program provides participants with a collaborative and targeted two-month professional development experience led by an senior researcher on their team. During the Lunch and Learn, current program leaders (Liz Yohn, Amber Moorer, Yi-Hsuan Lee, and Robert Waldo) touched on the program’s adaptable structure, examples of professional goals addressed by former participants, positive outcomes graduates have reported, and finally how leaders and participants are selected.

Program leaders emphasized that One-on-One is an opportunity for any researcher at any stage of their Hanover experience to receive meaningful support as they take their work to the next level. Program foci are unique to the participant and can include skill-based, content-specific, methodological, and/or experiential goals.

For example, as a former participant, Amber Moorer focused on improving her time management and product creation skills. She encourages future One-on-One Program participants to take advantage of the special relationship with their program leader and ask all of the “silly” questions they might hesitate to ask their managers. Another program participant, Robert Waldo, strengthened his copyediting skills under Liz’s guidance. This experience helped him to find his niche within Hanover as an editor and writing coach on the quantitative research team.

Louis Jelaco chimed in during the session that One-on-One is not only for advancing research skills. The program also holds value for researchers who want to improve their leadership, management, and communication skills. Louisa commented, “Participating in the program has made me a better project leader. I use the best practices I learned from Liz and ask myself ‘What would Liz do?’”

One Lunch and Learn attendee, Jill Ross, “came away from the discussion empowered to pursue my own professional advancement through the existing One-on-One Program and excited to contribute to future programming.” As the researcher headcount continues to grow across Hanover’s practice areas, we can expect to see increasing demand for senior researchers to take on a mentorship role by leading One-on-One Programs of their own. Those interested in the program (whether as a prospective participant or leader) were advised to discuss the opportunity with their personal managers.


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