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March Lunch and Learn: Grants

Hanover’s in-office employees and remote workers learned about the company’s successful Grants Development Center (GDC) during their lunch break at the company’s March Lunch and Learn. Hanover uses its company-wide Lunch and Learns as a way to explore the unique functions of its departments and products. Chad Ross, Managing Content Director, and Paul Tuttle, Managing Grants Consultant, provided an overview of how the GDC manages the timing and creation of grants proposals in a practice where there are multiple Hanover contacts that interface with the partner organization.

Ross described the careful intake process completed with all new GDC partners. Hanover values this method as it helps Content Directors (CDs) to understand their partners, including their internal resources and capabilities, allowing Hanover to strategically prioritize funding needs. This individualized relationship continues through partners’ tenure as CDs keep abreast of existing Requests for Proposal and proactively source funding opportunities through our weekly “Grant Items of Interest” updates.

Tuttle reviewed the expertise that Grants Consultants provide – writing grant applications, consulting organizations on program development, and helping to build internal capacity for Hanover’s partners. Working on such an intimate level with partners is a delicate balance of relationship and project management for Hanover’s Grants Consultants. Tuttle notes that many partners “fall in love with their Grants Consultants,” requiring the CD to assert themselves as the continuous thread from project to project.

With some of Hanover’s recent wins, it’s easy to see why its partners would fall in love. Check out some of the GDC’s recent healthcare wins. Hanoverians themselves were so interested in the GDC that the Q&A session spilled over the allotted meeting time.

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