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November Lunch and Learn: Recruiting

Hanover’s welcoming recruiting staff took center stage during the November Lunch and Learn. Senior Managers of Talent and Acquisition Niki Price (Sales) and Taina Oquendo (Content) described how they and their teams work hard to review each and every application that comes into the company. This personal attention continues through the recruiting process as Hanover recruiters build relationships and advocate for their candidates during their in-person interviews.

Their support for candidates does not stop when they become employees. Recruiters join new hires for lunch on their first day and take time to check in with them at different intervals in their careers. They want to make sure that the employees they bring into Hanover are happy, receiving appropriate training opportunities (communicating suggestions to the Sales and Content Learning and Development teams), and getting the career advancement advice that they need.

Want to meet our recruiting team? Look out for future campus visits on the Hanover Careers page.

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