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October Lunch and Learn: Primary Research



During the October Lunch and Learn, staff specializing in primary research gave Hanover’s employees an inside look at their prospecting and interview process. Mike Byington (Senior Content Analyst, Project Specialist), Sarah Fishman (Senior Research Associate), and Matt Sellman (Senior Research Associate) – part of Hanover’s skilled primary research staff – add immeasurable value to Hanover’s custom projects through their interviews with customers, industry experts, and education specialists.

Partners and clients can request primary research to gain specific insights, and secondary research analysts can also make the decision to reach out to experts when investigating niche topics that lack sufficient secondary sources. Data gathered from interviews are rich and more specific than those that can be gleaned through secondary source material.

Primary research staff members ensure that they are well versed in industry or curriculum vocabulary and concepts by familiarizing themselves with the in-depth interview guide that they or another analyst writes specifically for the project. This guide also lays out interview questions which primary researchers use in their interviews. Primary researchers – highly skilled in conversational information gathering – adapt these guides to best fit the flow of the discussion and capture information most useful to the client or partner. The results are specialized and nuanced reports unique to Hanover and highly valued by our clients and partners.

Sound like an interesting career? Hanover’s hiring!

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