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Random Acts of Coffee: Making Connections One Latte at a Time

“I have enjoyed every cup of coffee I’ve had with my colleagues. Each one had its own unique story!”

In May of 2016, Hanover Research launched a new program to encourage collaboration across teams and departments in a fun and informal way. “Random Acts of Coffee” was initially suggested by Hanover Senior Director of Strategy and New Product Development, Alex Leo (pictured below in the fetching maroon polo). The program randomly matches two coworkers for a one-on-one monthly meet-up, with matches cycling monthly. The two coworkers may previously have never interacted and Random Acts of Coffee gives them the opportunity to discuss life both at and outside of Hanover. Side effects (other than the caffeine rush): forging friendships, sharing ideas, and learning about other departments.

“As a new Hanoverian, it has been nice to meet people that otherwise I normally wouldn’t come into contact with on a daily basis.”

We surveyed our participants to see how the program has affected their work life at Hanover. Most respondents state that the program helps them make new friends at the office (85%) and feel the interactions help shed light on other departments (88%).

“This has been a great program where I have made connections with a wide variety of individuals from I believe every other departments within Hanover: sales, account management, strategy, admin/ops, and education. It has been great to be able to get to know all sorts of people and to gain some insights and empathy into what they do on a daily basis. This has been a great tool to both understand how the different departments work, why they do what they do, and what makes things easier for both sides.”

Over half of participants who took the survey have now connected to another person at the company as a helpful resource (67%) while almost half reported that participation in the program helps them think about their job differently (48%).

“I particularly enjoyed my RAOC with Caren Gordon Cohen.* She is not only a delightful person to talk to, but also an insightful coach with lots of good ideas to share. She gave me some helpful tips on how to position my career path at Hanover.” *(Hanover’s Executive in Residence, pictured on the right!)

 Some even said it resulted in working smarter (13%) and sparked ideas for changes within their department or across teams (25%).

“Random acts of coffee helped me find a coworker who attended the same high school as I did, brainstorm ideas for an internal project, and find presenters for a knowledge sharing group.”

Now celebrating one year and over 500 pairings and 100 plus participants, this popular program is one we encourage every Hanoverian to take part in, whether you are new to Hanover or a veteran!

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