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Remote Employees Collaborate on Pro Bono Project through Taproot+

Community service is a high priority for Hanover’s virtual workforce in 2016. It’s rare that we are able participate in the many DC-based volunteer opportunities Hanoverians organize, but we certainly share the same values of citizenship and service. After brainstorming a few ideas for how we can collaborate as remote volunteers, Grants Consultant Tom Kuhn shared with the group a unique platform designed to connect service-minded professionals with remote pro bono opportunities: Taproot+.


Between March and May, William Kay (Grants CD) and I (Talent Development Manager) joined forces to provide some pro bono research to Global Green USA. We were drawn to this nonprofit among the hundreds spotlighted on the Taproot+ opportunity board for its mission to “foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future.” Our Global Green contact tasked us with identifying prospective partners for a food scrap recycling program Global Green is developing in California’s Bay Area. And in spite of the fact that Will works from New York, I work from Missouri, and the recycling program would be implemented in California‚Ķ the partnership was a positive experience for everyone involved and resulted in a comprehensive research brief for the Global Green team.


With the pilot service project a success, Hanover’s teleworkers are now exploring the possibility of creating an internal opportunities board like Taproot+. The intranet-based forum would spotlight virtual pro bono volunteer projects that could be completed by individuals or pairs across the country in service of non-profits with which we remote (or DC-Based) employees’ have a direct relationship. This is exciting terrain for Hanover’s virtual workforce, and the opportunities for relationship building, skill advancement, and high-impact community service¬† across geographies are limitless.


By Natasha Kolar, Talent Development Manager




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