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September Community Service: D.C. Central Kitchen


DC-Central-Kitchen-webjpgOn September 10, a group of Hanover Research employees journeyed to D.C. Central Kitchen to lend a hand with evening meal prep. D.C. Central Kitchen is “America’s leader in reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise.” Hanoverians have volunteered with D.C. Central Kitchen previously and enjoyed the friendly staff and inspirational mission – and this time only reinforced those feelings.

We began our shift with a safety talk and the customary donning of the hair nets and aprons. Then, our group spent the shift chopping peppers, squash, and potatoes, making it into a friendly competition to get through the most veggies and fill up our trays. You could say it was Hanover meets Iron Chef, and the secret ingredient was most definitely green bell peppers (we chopped the most of those by far).


We took a breather halfway through for a much-needed break for our wrists, enjoying a snack of bananas and cookies, and speaking with staff about what sort of meals D.C. Central Kitchen ultimately serves. (Turkey chili, vegetarian shepherd’s pie, and salads, to name a few.) We closed out the evening by cleaning up the kitchen, stashing our overflowing containers of julienned veggies in the giant refrigerator, and signing the wall (which is covered in the signatures of their volunteers).


We look forward to continuing our support of D.C. Central Kitchen in the future, and meanwhile several Hanoverians even inquired about follow-up volunteer opportunities to pursue independently. Thanks, D.C. Central Kitchen!


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