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September Lunch & Learn

Sept Lunch and Learn

September’s Lunch and Learn acquainted Hanover with the small but influential Business Research Program (BRP) that resides within the Corporate Communication department. Will Hea, Business Research Manager, and Jay Whittemore, a newly appointed Content Specialist, delivered a thorough presentation on how the BRP motto of ‘Simplify, Standardize, Educate’ serves Hanover.

The ‘Simplify, Standardize, Educate’ model condenses the BRP’s hefty task of bridging different departments in the company with the end goal of clearly communicating Hanover’s products and methodologies both internally and to current and potential clients. For example, the BRP build an important connection between the Content and Sales/Development departments by acting as expert stand-ins for a Content Director on sale calls, deftly answering potential clients’ questions about Hanover methodologies and project types. Complementing these “Process Advancement Calls” (PACs), Will has created 77 research proposals for prospective clients just in the first nine months of 2014.

Internally, the BRP works tirelessly to make work processes at Hanover streamlined through interdepartmental collaboration and professional development. Samples of their work in this arena include training for sales and development directors and an internal library of video tutorials on work-related software programs.

Even after a detailed overview, attendees were still curious to learn more about the BRP – a steady flow of questions rounded out the meeting. Stay tuned for future opportunities to join this growing team.

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