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Summer Happenings Series: HOW Career Workshop

Hanover has been busy this summer!

Follow the “Summer Happenings Series” for a recap of all the activities that have gone on in the last couple months.We hope that you’ve been having as much fun as we have!


This summer marked the first iteration of a HOW-sponsored career workshop – “Writing a Constructive Self-Review.” The opportunity was well positioned amidst review season for several departments. A great turnout of ladies and gentlemen attended with aspirations of penning a carefully crafted self-review to help propel them forward in their careers.

Three senior-level managers, Allyson Grennille (Managing Content Director), Sarah Van Duyn (Managing Content Director), and Amanda Lockhart (Senior Director, Corporate Communications) reflected on their experiences with self-reviews from direct reports and shared tips from their own careers. What can you learn from them?

  • Reflect objectively: Reflect on your entire body of work to remind yourself of your progress, as well as lessons learned. Your boss will appreciate your fair assessment.
  • Illustrate with specifics: Draw specific examples of exemplary work over the review period. It helps to collect various bits of feedback in a desktop or email folder so you don’t forget key information.
  • Focus on the positive (and on yourself): Phrase growth areas in a constructive manner and don’t use your review to complain about your co-workers.
  • Get to the point: Summarize an event or project where you performed well by highlighting your success, don’t review every step of the process.
  • Present solutions: Acknowledge your development areas by identifying specific techniques or training opportunities you will use to grow in those areas.


The session concluded with attendees writing a small portion of their review and receiving feedback in small groups. Remote participants were included in a virtual small group discussion via webcam and conference line. Everyone (including managers!) walked away fired up to continue writing.

“After the workshop, I realized how important it is to know your value and put real effort into promoting your accomplishments, arguing for your professional goals, and laying out a plan for how you will achieve those goals.” – Jess

Rachel Lopez
Project Manager, Learning and Development


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