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University Spotlight – George Washington University

Not only do we employ George Washington alums, but Hanover Research teaches current GW students as well!

After a very successful employment opportunity information session at the George Washington School of Business, Dr. Raza Usman, Professor of Management Information Systems Technology at GW, approached Hanover Research in search of a guest lecturer to present on technology in the research industry. As Hanover Research works with a wide range of industries, including biotechnology, construction, and education, Professor Usman felt that the work Hanover Research does would resonate with students’ diverse backgrounds.

Hanover Research selected Dr. Matthew Barton, Senior Content Analyst, to join the class for the presentation. After an introduction from the Department Head, the presentation began, focusing on the significance of technology in the research industry and the increasing availability of data and information. Hanover Research works closely with clients to leverage the information and data they already have and often, the principal goal of market research is to use technology to glean insights from daunting amounts of data. Thus, tools such as data scraping provide quick, efficient means to organize and analyze data. Ultimately, efficiently interpreting large datasets gives a competitive edge to both Hanover and its clients.

When speaking of Hanover’s services, Dr. Barton explained, “I guess the easiest way to describe it is Netflix for market research.” That would be the mail service Netflix, to be clear!

After the presentation, there was an interactive Q&A period, which included details about the Hanover Internship Program. Several students stopped by the career fair the next day to speak with Hanover recruiters. At the end of the presentation, Professor Usman thanked Hanover with a certificate of appreciation and leather folio! Highlights are captured in the pictures below.

Key highlights from Hanover Research’s presentation were captured on Twitter:


“Matt Barton, senior content analyst @Hanover4Biz will speak to @gwcareercenter and students on tech in research.” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


“Big Data: Ethics, Privacy and Information Security” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


“Tech for the technology presentation.” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


Last minute picture as students hand in homework and Matt is introduced by the department head…“Very impressive” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


“I guess the easiest way to describe it is Netflix for market research.” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


“We automate everything to reduce to 1. grunt work & 2. human error. Data scraping is a perfect example.” – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014


“It is tough for a lot of administrators to relinquish control & automate what was once a human-driven process.” Dr. Matt Barton @Hanover4Biz – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014

Thanks for having us! We loved the certificate of appreciation and leather folio. @GWtweets @GWSBFowler – Hanover Research (@hanoverresearch) September 22nd 2014

In addition to a Q&A period, Matt presented Hanover Research and its internship program to the sophomores in attendance, encouraging them to swing by the career fair on Tuesday, September 23rd.

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